Tot Rock Class

Tuesday mornings from 11:00am -11:55am


A fun class for preschoolers that will incorporate many activities that teach the basic concepts of music such as "high and low, “fast and slow” short and long notes, loud and soft that will teach kids the valuable skills they need to grow in their musical voice. Call and response, music games. Kids will sing, play instruments, ove, dance, listen to music  and clap along. Explore different band instruments too! Kids will also learn to sing and play instruments at the same time. Kodaly and Orf methods are used. There will also be demonstrations of cool instruments including piano, electric bass, guitar and drums! Class is taught by certified public school music teacher. 


Ages 2.5 years - 5 years (w/ Adult)


Cost $160 for 10 classes

Drop in rate ($20 per class)



Sing and Movement Music Class for Kids

Thursday mornings from 11:00am -11:55am


Join us for a morning of singing and movement through a variety of music activities! Children will enjoy singing, exercise, creative movement, circle time, music games and percussion instruments and more!


Ages 2.5 years - 5 years (w/ Adult)


Cost: $160 for 10 classes. 


Drop in rate ($20 per class)


Classes instructed by Sudbury School of Music co-founder, Alison Keslow


Contact:  Sudbury School Of Music at 978-443-4411



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